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Providing affordable off grid energy & Internet to underserved communities


Ubuntu Power is an innovative social enterprise seeking to improve the lives of millions of Sub-Saharan Africans without reliable access to electricity

By also providing these communities with unrestricted access to mobile Internet, not only are we further enriching their lives, but can also fund the provision of affordable electricity



585 million people in Sub Saharan Africa do not have access to electricity

Frequent power shortages cut economic growth by 2 - 4% annually

The toxic fumes released by burning firewood and dung kill 600,000 people a year – half of them children

Sub Saharan Africa is peppered with failed off grid energy solutions donated by organisations that had often never considered the maintenance costs or were unable to sustain the donations funding them

Private companies solely focused on selling off grid power supplies to local communities often cannot scale up to the size needed and can pose a financial burden on those needing the service




Our modular solar panel designs have been tried and tested countless times and the robust materials and reliable technology have been successfully rolled out across a number of challenging scenarios. We are not focusing on reinventing reliable technology

Our innovation lies in the funding model to sustain and grow the infrastructure

The millions of people without access to electricity in some of the world’s fastest growing economies presents a unique opportunity for companies to reach a previously inaccessible new audience




If you would like to know more about our service or enquire about licensing and partnership opportunities, please get in touch

We are creating a sustainable and scalable way to provide both these pivotal services to the communities that need it most

We are bringing these latent consumers online and connecting them with the world by providing them with unrestricted and untampered mobile Internet and affordable and reliable electricity

Juan Herrada represented South Africa in the UK and Ireland and worked as a strategic consultant for SMEs in Uganda, he has extensive experience of key African markets. As the UK Head of South African Tourism, he contributed over $380M towards South Africa’s GDP year on year and led the efforts that turned tourism into the most valuable industry, overtaking gold exports.

His experience as a management consultant at Accenture overhauling Fortune 100 companies shaped his approach to robust value creation in commercial models and his management of marketing agencies gave him extensive communication and strategy experience.


Merron Pillart has over twenty years experience providing strategic operations leadership in uniquely challenging African and international situations and creating strong governmental and commercial partnerships. A capable negotiator with a background in litigation and experience in the renewable energy sector, she was in charge of introducing and deploying SolarKiosk across East Africa.

As part of the SolarKiosk deployment she found and negotiated with local manufacturers to produce and deliver the parts, explored and conducted market studies for new and rural regions and managed operations and sales activities across Ethiopia and Kenya.


Justin Kilduff occupied senior positions across a number of renewable energy consultancies and developers. His recent experience includes carrying out a renewable energy feasibility study for 200 industrial/brownfield sites throughout the UK as well as reviewing the technical, contractual and commercial risks involved in the development of a range of technologies including Wind, Solar and Biomass projects. He has developed numerous energy strategies and feasibility studies for mixed use developments throughout the UK and carried out due diligence on several multi megawatt scale RHI linked biomass schemes and advised on risk mitigation strategies for investors.

Energy Director

Matt Crisp is one of the UK’s leading strategic thinkers around cities, sustainability, innovation and technology and their impact on the environment, the economy and the people that live in today’s cities.

With over twenty years experience working on the worlds biggest brands, businesses and successful start-ups, with a sole focus on making the complicated simple. An accomplished marketer and strategist with a strong commercial grounding built upon 9 years of brand and commercial management experience at Diageo followed by founding Brave, one of the UK’s leading independent creative agencies.

Strategy Director